Welcome 2020

I had an amazing 2019. Moved from Jakarta back to Malili’s neighborhood brings so many colours in my life.

New work environments challenging my nerves. My new bosses, new co-workers, new work’s culture, everything is new. I didn’t even have much time with family eventhough now I live close to them. Most of my time used for work and work and work.

Also, I found new friends to have fun with. Friends who has the same character as me. Friends who enjoy work and travel as I do. And I love it. But sometimes, I still missed my city’s friend and live. I missed our activities together, the love and loved that we share, the lights we catched and the walk we had.

I may have a new opponent, but I believe it’s a matter of time and ego. And I believe it also a chance to grow better.

A surprising overseas trip also colored my day in 2019. I had the opportunity to visit Turkey to introduce Luwu Timur Pepper by represent the head regent of Luwu Timur in Business Forum Indonesia-Turkey.

Also, I had the opportunity to visit Tentena, Central Sulawesi witnessing the famous Poso Lake Festival accidently, just because I commented on the status of a friend on Facebook.

Another thing was the Festival Keraton Nusantara XIII year 2019 in Tana Luwu which presented hundreds of Nusantara palace and I got role in it.

Many more memories in 2019 make me more mature, understand more about life and try to do the best for myself and the people who love me.

Welcome 2020, I am ready for another roller coaster of my life. I will do my best to gain another achievement in my live destiny.