Exploring Sydney and Canberra

Another crazy idea come in mind. We were planning a road trip to explore Sydney and Canberra by road trip. We searched and found the information that it will take 12 hours driving from Gold Coast.

The three Joy, Rinie and I finally took the move. With the agreement that Joy would be the co-driver.

Indeed it was a nice drive. We just follow the map and keep moving from one place to another.

In te middle of driving, we were behind a trailler that climb very slowly. I quickly tried to overtake the trailer and the driver was very angry and scolded us.

I kept driving until a police car suddenly showed up from nowhere. Another experienced for driving in Australia. Never ever tried to overtake the trailer on the road coz the police will stop you.

We were fine and continue the trip straight away coz I have the translation license and we told the police that we were in hurry to find a toilet and the trailer was so slow. Another tips for driving in Australia is you don’t have to have an international license, enough with the translation for your country license from the appointed translator of Australian Police.

When you drive in Australia, please make sure that you follow the signs. Do not exceed the speed limit otherwise you’ll receive a love letter from the police by attaching some photos of different sides of your speed car.

Note the animal that crosses the highway, do not stop when seeing animal hurt on the road, unless you have other witnesses, because wild animal are very guarded in Australia or you can get the sanctioned.


Death Kangaroo on highway

Aihhh, the trip didn’t run as planned. Joy had no confident for driving so I have to drive my self.

But we arrived safe in Sydney. Although I was very tired and wishing to sleep all day but it will not worthed after the long drive.

Than, I decided to follow others for city tour. Luckily, Sydney’s road is narrow and hectic so I left my car aside and use busses or train instead.

We went to Sydney Opera House and taking Ferry passing the famous Sydney bridge to the. While waiting for the ferry, we were entertained with an Aboriginal man blowing didjeridu, a simple wooden tube blown with the lips like a trumpet, which gains its sonic flexibility from controllable reasonances of the player’s vocal tract.


Sydney Opera House

From varians sources explains that didjeridu originated in Arnhem Land on the northern coastline of Central Australia, and has some similarity to bamboo trumpets and even bronze horns developed in other cultures, though it pre-dates most of these by many millenia.


An Aboriginal guy blown didjeridu at Sydney Harbour

The characteristic feature is that the didjeridu, which is a slightly flaring wooden tube about 1.5 metres in length, is simply hollowed out by natural termites (“white ants”) from the trunk of one of the small trees of the region. After cutting down, the instrument is cleaned out with a stick, the outside refined by scraping and then painted with traditional designs, and the blowing end smoothed by adding a rim of beeswax.

After a while, we enter the parking ferry and crossing under the Sydney bridge to the harbourside of Darling Harbour.  And sunddenly a taxi boat crossing the line in front of Opera House. Sydney offers varians transportation and another first time experience to see a taxi boat 🙂


Sydney taxi boat in front of Opera House

We also went to Queen Victoria Building, Town Hall, St Andrew’s Cathedral, Chinesse Friendship Garden with the Koi Pool also goes to the Powerhouse Museum and we ended up at China for Lunch.


Queen Victoria Building


Caption in front of ABC News Building Australian Television Channel

I went home for early rest coz the next day we are going to explore Canberra. Consequently I missed the moment of visiting Manly and Bondi Beaches 😦

In the wake of my long rest, I had full energy to drive to Canberra. The drive to Canberra is easy and scenic, there are plenty of places along the way to rest, refuel and revice. It takes 3.5 hours drive from Sydney to Canberra.


Sydney Canberra Highway

Along the way to Canberra, we were passing the old Hume Highway through picturesque Mittagong, Bowral, Moss Vale and Sutton Forest.

Entering the Capital City Of Australia, we went to the Tourism Office to get some map and brochures. Than we continue to see the Australian War Memorial, one of the world’s great museums.


Canberra Australia War Memorial

It is also the premier archive and centre for research into the history of Australian involvement in War. The Memorial commemorates the service and sacrifice of all Australian men and women in wartime.

Across the museum we could have a look od the Parliement building beyond the Anzac Parade. Anzac parade is the Australian National Capital’s major commemorative way. Memorials dedicated to Australian and New Zealand service people who’ve fought and died in war line the length of the parade.


Screenshoot from google, up view of Australia War Memorial in line with Anzac Parade to the Australia Parliament Building

We also went to the Parliement House and Camberra Museum Art and Gallery.


Australia Parliament Building which has public access to watch closer from the balcony


Canberra Art Musemun and Gallery

As well as to the Indonesian Embassy



Take your own trip and make a journal of it. You will value the moment you spent with friends and the places you visit.

Enjoy it! Never get too busy making a living so you forget to make a life….

Get your own unique experiences… Chiaooooo


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