I love green garden, either front yard and backyard. So I decided to maintain both yards 🤭. To fill the yards, I plant keiki or baby orchids, various flowers and vegetable plant.

Front Yard

There are various plant at the front yard. Since it is the face of the house, a sunkist tree is the chosen one as the main tree. There is also a climbing rose and I made it as the entrance of the house. The other thing were various batik flower as well as the orchid tree.

The orchid stems has different orchids. It was given by few friends as a collection. Even though it is not blooming yet, but the leaves make me smile every morning, especially with the new shoots.

I am in love, love, love with orchids. So I decided to buy keiki or baby orchid in a bottle.

Tadaaaa i was so amazed to see these tiny keiki. Even though I need to learn to grow it and taking care of them carefully. I hope it will well growth.


Last year, I saved two different vine plants from agriculture and plantation office which were almost died. They were vitis or grape and passion fruit. I planted them in a big pot and placed it at the backyard.

My dad helped me build an overhead arbor. It inspired me to make a little spot for tea time. Than I decorated it with keiki, a pair of chair, a little dramatic light bulb and a small fish pond with another orchid stems.

I love the light when the dark comes. With the sound of gurgling, watching keiki and a zip of mint honey lemon tea, I am hardly moves from my chair.

One way to propagate orchids is to use a keiki. Keiki is a sapling that grows on pseudo bulb or moon orchid flower stalks. Plants from keiki have the same properties as their mother.

Luckily, I already bought cutted fern for the young orchid. So I stick them together and hang them.

I can not wait to see them grow and blooming.

Ps. Please do not hesitate to comment on how can I look after for the keiki, since I am still learning on how to plant an orchid.