Festival I La Galigo 2018 (Part 1)

It was so hectic, just before leaving Jakarta with all those paperwork for the end of year. Lucky I have my besties Tety to help me completed all the task, reassuring all is arranged in order 😍. And time to leave.

Arrived safe in Makassar, Monday Des 17th 2018. I took taxi to drop few things to Perwakilan Bintang Khatulistiwa. Than I waited for another taxi to Soppeng. I want to attend the international seminar of La Galigo. Another lucky for me, i knew Ware, who assisted me with all information about Soppeng.

She provided information about the transportation, the accomodation, the event venues as well as the cullinary which is very important to know before visiting a new place. Eventhough this is the third time I visit Soppeng but known someone there for all information is so much better.

Than Mr. Cambang arrived and I got a seat leaving for Soppeng. On the way, we suddenly have to stop due to the traffic. I thought it was a car accident, evidently its a fallen tree and closed the road.

Mr. Cambang is the hero. With several guys, he began sawing the fallen tree. He didn’t care it was raining. And the other guy also help him to pull and clean the cutting tree so we could pass. It took an hour to pass the closed road and thanks to Mr. Cambang.

We than continue the trip. I met an intereating pensioner sit next to me. He kept talking along the way. He was so proud about the event. He told me all he could about the venue, the beauty of Soppeng people, the history. Only onething he didn’t realise that I was so tired and sleepy but excited to listened too hehehhee.

I was the last passenger to droped off. We arrived ad ADA hotel. Nice, small, cozy hotel and I like my room. It was early arriving since Mardiani is still on her way from Sorowako to soppeng. So I tried my luck to called a friend and another lucky, she just left the hotel and willing to return, yeiy.

She is one of the best coreographer in makassar also a traditional contemporer dance lecture from Makassar National University. Ida El Bahra she called. And I didn’t have to missed the afternoon doing nothing. Because we end up attending the opening ceremony for the Festival together, alhamdulillah.

Another lucky, we met few friends in common, what a small world. We were giggling, meet and greet, off course enjoyed the show.

Together we returned to the hotel and Kak Ida finally agreed to stay with Mardiani and I with an extra bed in the room. After Mardiani arrived, we went to have dinner. It took ages to find a restaurant as it is not many in Soppeng, even a small restaurant.

To be continued ..

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