Planning Your Big Day

Having my brothers and sister’s wedding organized, gives me some idea to share about organizing your wedding. It’s always good if you have sometime to planned it, because your success event is a well planned processes.

1. Set the budget, timeline and to do list
2. Set the size of the wedding, venues and setting date
3. Start planning the wedding theme and the invitations
4. Contact the wedding organizer, if required
5. Decide the wedding dress and accessories
6. Set the photos, videos and music
7. Caterer and souvenirs
8. Transportation facilities

Basically, you don’ t need to work alone, you may involve family and friends or a wedding planner to help you.

Make sure you have all the ckecklist while planning your big day…


Pernikahan Shiey & Andrie, Sorowako - 20 Desember 2010


Pernikahan Anisa & Adhy, Jogyakarta - 29 April 2012


Pernikahan Indra & Andri, Bua - 22 Desember 2013

Simplicity, planning your wedding is a big task but fun. As long as you are pin it down and keep track on details than you’ll have fun with it.


Do You Dare?

I can’t sleep. All I think was about my big day. How will it be? How will I looked like? How’s everything will organized?

It keep spinning around in my head. When will it be? Where will it be held? How it will be? About the date, about the dressess, about the ring, about the venue, about the caterer, about the invitation, about the souvenir, about the processes, everything comes in once.

I can’t stop thinking about it untill I can’t sleep. I keep search and googling, looking for the unique, elegance and ‘very me’ design and motives. Saved some interesting figures for further choices.

But than I realise, who will be standing next to me? Do you dare?


The wedding will not just about you and me, but about uniting the two big family of us both. It’s about acceptance and togetherness as well as dignity. I will not only belongs to you but to your family as well, and it will applied to you either.

All plans has been set up, already figured how I want it be. It’s also been calculated and un-negotiable hihihihi unless it depends on who is the whisperer 😀