How come not choosing you?

It might be funny for some people, but get me frustrating after reading one of the article from Kompas (3/1). In the rubric of political participation, there is a short article en-tittle “Masa Gak Milih Loe” which means how come not choosing you.

The article describes a statement of doctor Karina Moegni above, in relations with 2014 Indonesian General Election. She and her friend, Sisca ensuring to vote and already registered for East Jakarta participants.


But they looked surprised after finding out that there are 6,600 candidates of House Representatives Member to choose, whom participate for the election 2014.  They had started questioning about the candidate’s behavioral, where they were afraid for the corruptions candidate after the elections, like once their experienced.

The more unpredictable information was when it explained that some of the candidates had been questioning about their organizational background. What a shocking was they answered it based upon their ‘arisan’ or regular social gathering experienced. Is it a real organization pusposes?


According to Sisca, usually before the election, some of the names that circulate in the context of family relationship and acquaintance. Mostly they would be elected. As they are also part of the Indonesian actresses, they do not wonder so many artists elected to become a board members. “They have their fans and famous in the society for sure,” said Karina.

I was not surprise to read this article, only irritating knowing that some female candidates are in that position just to meet the quota of women in elections.


I agreed with Jusuf Kalla (JK) in once of his speech that whoever in the candidate positions should well known and popular in their social life. People tend to believe based upon the person not the party anymore. Besides, the difference between nationalism and religious has eroded.

For JK, the election is like love strategy. Women required to talk and communicate with the community down to the bottom. They are expected to understand and practice the love strategy, first popularity or pursue the fame, and second likability or make them feel for the love, and for the last elect ability, build their believe to choose you.

So women, be elected with your dignity… !


And for those who has right to vote, please use your voice wisely, try to find more information about your intended representatives and select more carefully. We are all wait for the brighter future with the election 2014.


2 thoughts on “How come not choosing you?

  1. Sulvi…..please make sure you register as a candidate……..I’ll be the first person to vote you (Apa bisa ya!)……I wish you will……


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