Forget Me Not

Forget me not oh my distance friend
Many memories left behind and I’m willing not to forget
Since the moment we shared together ’till we apart by the circumstances
It was the best moment ever, happened in my life
Knowing you is precious, meeting you is treasure

Forget me not oh my distance friend
It’s a still do part of my life
Everytime I look back to time we were spent together
The way we laughed of a funny thing
The way we cried for the sadness thing
The way we shared for every stories
The way we comment on each other’s partner
The way we sneezed behind someones back
The way we giggled after teasing someone

Forget me not oh my distance friend
No matter where are you now
No matter how they treated you after the vow
Because thou you far from me
You are still my best friend ever
‘Coz I believe, since the moment first we met
I have the sense of a long time friendshid
And our relationship was meant to be


Jakarta – 30122013