Thanks for Visiting Us, En…

Shocking… that’s I felt after receiving a short message from Loraine, a long distance friend from Ambon.

I knew En, her short name, in July 2011. It was when I attended a National Public Relations Workshop in Ambon. Ambon is part of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. It took 2 hours flight from Makassar in Sulawesi, which is another islands in Indonesia and it takes 12 hours by bus from where I lived, Sorowako.


My first accidental meeting with En was when I just landed at Pattimura Airport in Ambon. She was sat with a cup off coffee on her transportation bureau uniform. I suddenly greet and mentioned her name Loraine, asked how she was as an old friend first meet 😀

She was a bit surprise but changed the circumstances immediately and reply me back. We shook hands and introducing each other. She asked if I could wait and together we could drive to the city.


Since it was my first visit and I found her nice and friendly, I accepted her offer and we sit for a while and figure out several common habits on both.

First, she took me to her house. A lovely tiny house up the hill with great view to the sea.


Loraine's house at the hillside

Than we took a fery cross Ambon Bay to the city. There are several transportation offers around.


Loraine shows various transportation across the Ambon Bay

Arrived the other side, there is a man stealing my attention. He smiled at me and said ‘welcome to Molucca Archipelago’.


Welcome to Molucca Archipelago

He could read this is my first visit and thanks for the greetings.

I stayed at Swiss Bell Hotel Ambon when the event also been held. She took me for walk during break time and showed me the beauty of Ambon.


Swiss Bell Hotel, Ambon

After checked in, En took me to met her friend Whilma whom work for the election commission. Than we went for lunch


Whilma, Sulvi, Loraine (left to right)


Grilled fish with colo-colo for lunch

Yummy lunch served at Raja’s house. Prepared by his grandmother, a grilled fish ikan komu asar served with colo-colo, green and reddish tomatoes are diced with red chili along with onion. It mixed with fresh lime and basil.

With a full stomach we continued the trip to Liang Beach, about 32 kilometers from the city. The secluded bay offers white sand, crystal clear turqoise water, some shade from the trees and if you are lucky to see a group of dolphin.




The Dolphin

Ambon is a lovely place to visit, some blogger even says a breathtaking beautiful place and it’s true! I wish on my next trip to Ambon, the major problem of rubbish could be menicured by the city so the beauty of Molucca will not downtrodden by it.


View from my room at Swiss Bell

En, thanks for visiting us in Sorowako. Your visit reminds me of our first met and finally I wrote about it.

You might see the Buginesse Culture of Wedding ceremony already but now you have experienced the groom’s family sides. Hope you enjoy it yaaaa….

See you again on the next trip 😀


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